Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chasing bicycles

My search for a vintage-style bike has again been the reason for my heart breaking into song, only this time the tune was sapped of joy with a visit to a bike shop.

My lovely friend Corky found the Progear retro ladies bike for me complete with basket, pack rack, mud guards, chain guard and cushy seat. Priced at a reasonable $349, I thought I'd found "the one". And when I went to Ted's Cycles in Footscray and saw that it was on sale for $299, I started thinking that the universe must be providing for me. Huh, no such luck. They only had it in a 15.5", they can't get the bigger 17.5" in for several months and "the man" said I really need a 21" to suit my height. Hello Mister, they don't make ladies bikes that big so I'm either destined for a life of riding with my knees hitting the handlebars or I have to get another men's bike.

For now, I'll have to leave the Progear retro to the lucky non-statuesque ladies of the world and put the call out for another alternative.

Picture source: The Melbourne Bicycle Centre (Clifton Hill) catalogue.

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