Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A place to call my own

I feel I must come clean, dear reader, and reveal to you that one of the forces behind starting this blog was the purchase of my first home. The ink is drying on the contracts, the banks are rustling up some wads of cash for us to lend and we are dreaming of our gorgeous Victorian cottage, wondering what changes will come with home ownership and contemplating that awful task that is moving. But look how cute it is! And imagine it after we have poured our souls and a fresh coat of paint over it!

The process has conjured up that feeling of being “on the cusp” and started me wondering if we are entering heaven or hell (of the mortgage variety). How is living in our own home going to be different to living in any of the five rental homes I have shared with my beloved since flying the nest? Maybe this is a momentous period of change that must be documented. Maybe this is a time like any other time and I’ll send you all to sleep. Whatever the case, it seems like a good time to start a story. “It all started on December the 1st, one year and one month after the blogger’s marriage to the best boy in the world (herein known as Charles). We follow the exciting and exhausting journey of moving and setting up home in Melbourne’s inner west and find ourselves joining the search for particular items that will make our homes, and perhaps our lives, complete. Charles and Whyte is about enjoying life on the cusp of fabulousness and finding all those things that make our heart sing.”

At some point, I will have to address the concept of living in the present because I can already feel all the psychologists out there thinking “focus on today, not tomorrow”. Until then, I’ll enjoy my quirks and gaze at other people’s houses looking for the perfect colour combination for my own.

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  1. That is the cutest house, what a great first home! Great blog, by the way :)




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